Back to School







TOP: Storee // JEANS: Articles of Society // BOOTS: Dolce Vita // HANDBAG: Vince Camuto  // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

September was always my favorite time of year just for the sole reason I was able to go back to school. Not that I necessarily loved school, but I loved the feeling of getting ready for another year. I was the girl who was already school supply shopping after July 4th!

I went to a private middle school and high school, so I never had the opportunity to “dress up” for school until college. All those years of not being able dress up caught up to me, and picking out outfits for college classes could sometimes be dramatic….like this girl never had anything to wear! Well, sometimes it sure felt like it!

As college went on, I opted for comfort over style during the day, but the first few weeks of school I always tried my best to dress up for my classes. Seeing as I know how much picking out clothes go into the first day jitters for school, I wanted to lend you all some advice on picking out your back to school wardrobe!

Firstly, find tops that easily equal both a wear-in-class and a girls-night-out shirt. Living at school can easily take a toll on your closet space, so you want to make sure your clothes are easily versatile. This Storee top is so cute for school, and I can see it being worn with white jeans and booties for early fall.

White denim tend to go out of “trend” as fall nears, but I love incorporating them into my fall wardrobe with bold colors, which give them a warmer feel! You can never go wrong with investing in a pair of over the knee boots. They can easily be dressed up or down, this pair is my absolute favorite!

Though I am sad summer is coming to an end, it’s so fun to find clothes for a new season! I hope this helps in making back to school shopping a little bit easier!



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