Fall Beauty Edit


Fall is my favorite season for many reasons..the change of weather, layering of clothes, and the warmer make-up. (PSL’s are right on the top of my list too, duh!)

Summer is when I usually when I free from wearing a lot of make-up, so I always get excited when fall rolls around to use warmer shades of bronzer, blush, and lip color.

I always like to start my day by washing my face. After applying my daily moisturizer, I always apply this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. I’m not too keen on liquid foundation, so this primer does wonders for enhancing the glow of my powder foundation. This primer also contains SPF 30, which I love for protecting my skin is always a plus, even in colder temps!


After applying my primer and foundation powder, I contour with Nars Bronzer in Laguna. This shade has been my go-to since high school. I have tried other bronzers since, but always fall back to this one!

I never leave the house with out blush…it’s my little secret to a healthy glow even when I don’t feel like putting on any other make-up! Lately I have been in love with Bobbi Brown’s Blush in Pretty Pink. The rose tints in the blush are the perfect color for transitioning from summer to fall, but as the weather truly gets colder, I know I will turn to warmer tones like Bobbi Brown’s Blush in Rose.


I also love highlighting my cheekbones with this Nars Illuminator in Orgasm. I apply the illuminator right on top of my right and left cheeks, closer to my eyes. The sparkle and light shimmer in the product gives an extra pop to my blush!



Mascara plays a huge difference for me. For some reason, if I don’t apply mascara, my eye just always look so tired! One of my best friend’s works for Dior, and suggested the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Pumping Serum…OMG do I love!! The Serum is great for conditioning your lashes to give added volume and length before applying your Mascara. I am also currently using Dior’s Diorshow Lash-Extension Mascara, both together make your eyelashes look thick, long, and gorgeous!


 I love playing with lipstick shades. Last winter, I stumbled upon Bobbi Brown’s Lipstick in Sandwash Pink. It’s my favorite for daytime, and honestly a great shade to go with a lot of different styles. I love putting it on when I only feel like putting mascara and blush on!


Just like everything else in fall….I truly love fall fragrances. Something about the warm smell they portray, I just never can’t get enough of! My favorite these days is Chanel’s Mademoiselle Perfume. The rose and jasmine within the perfume do wonders, and last all day!


I will be creating a contouring tutorial soon showcasing my favorite highlighting products! If you have any questions or tips you use for your fall make-up, I would love to hear them- leave your comments below! Thank you for reading my Fall Beauty Edit, have a lovely weekend!



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