Fall Bucket List


With each new season, a multitude of experiences come about. The weather changes, new foods come into play, and our fashion choices change. Living here in New England, I get to experience all four seasons (sometimes to the extreme), and with each passing season, I usually feel like I am not ready for the next.

As I am doing know with summer passing and autumn starting, I like to reflect on the past three months to see if all my “seasonal wants” were completed. In the past, more often than not they weren’t. Mostly because I had my mind on doing SO much that I got too caught up, and the season went by leaving me feeling sad and unfulfilled.

To fix this constant battle of not meeting my seasonal fairytale, I made a promise to myself that this autumn I would pick a few activities I truly want to do, and make sure they are completed. For when you create a list of your wants, you are more likely to accomplish them!

So here’s my fall bucket list!

– Go apple or pumpkin picking

– Travel to North Conway to see the change in the autumn leaves

– Cozy up by my fireplace with friends and loved ones (with hot tea or cocoa in hand!)

– Bake apple pie and anything pumpkin related!

– Head to my local farmer’s market and pick up some seasonal veggies

– Feel Grateful

– Have a lazy football Sunday with the family (dip & chips included!)

– Light an autumn-scented candle, cuddle up with a blanket, and feel warm and cozy!

– Take the time to read more

– Carve a pumpkin

– Find my favorite flannels, booties, and burgundy lipstick and over-wear them all season (this is a given!)

As I wrote this list, I began to feel so excited for the season ahead! With autumn officially here, take the time to write down a few activities/experiences you would like to see happen this season. Your fall bucket list will leave you feeling excited to tackle all your wants, and more than likely release any pre-season fear of missing out!



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