Fall Sweaters Under $100

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Hi friends! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall sweaters under $100! Fall is in full swing up here in Boston, each morning I turn my heat and bum warmer on just to turn them off as soon as I’m out of work and on my way home! I’m already on sweater repeat, everyone at my office is asking why I’m already decked out in fall/winter outfits. This girl does NOT like to be cold I have to tell you!

I obviously tend to lean towards neutral, solid colors when it comes to sweaters, but this year I am hoping to add some pops of color/details to my go-to sweaters.

On another note, I am obsessed with Jane the Virgin!! Have you guys ever watched it?! I started watching it last year, finished the whole first season, and I am finally starting the second season. Last night, I watched two full episodes while working out…at least I have something to keep me motivated to work out haha!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!



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