Five Things Friday


With the new year just beginning, I’m getting real honest with myself on the foods I put into my body. Though I try to eat pretty clean throughout the week, those pesky weekend dinner outings always seem to get me. So to get my body into the swing of really clean eating, I have been cleansing with homemade juices (store bought are too pricey!) this week. Here are some I have been trying!

We have only gotten a little snow so far, but I know we will be getting a lot more! For when that time comes, I’m going to be wanting these boots, and I’m sure you will too! Plus, they are currently on sale

Another new year goal of mine is to take better care of my hair. With naturally curly hair, and blow drying it straight 2-3 times a week THEN curling it, I tend to dry out my hair pretty quickly. I tried this 15 minute hair treatment for the first time the other day, and my hair is still so soft. Going to make it a hair-must for every week!

Some cute dates to do with your honey this Valentine’s Day!

I’m turning 25 in a little over a week, and the mid-twenty crisis has already hit. So to start off my year off strong, I’m getting smart about my spending. Here are some tips if you are trying to save money for a house, traveling, or that fancy Chanel bag this year too!

Have a great weekend!



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