Four Trends of Spring

1. Off the Shoulder


I have always been a fan of showing a little shoulder when the warmer seasons come around, and couldn’t be happier that the trend has taken off this year. From shirts to dresses you can find an array of off the shoulder pieces. This one is my current favorite!

2. Florals


You may think this is a given with spring in bloom and all, but I love accenting with florals whenever I get the chance. I currently lusting over this Eliza J Belted Maxi Dress…the style and pattern are both so elogant!

3. Lace


Delicate details have always been a favorite of mine, especially when it comes to lace. I have found myself leaning more towards it when it comes to choosing pieces for special occasions. I recently purchased this lace dress for my cousin’s bridal shower this weekend, and cannot wait to wear it!

4. Tassels


Tassels have been on the style radar for quite some time now, and I am happy to see how much they have been used to accent accessories. I am in love with these Steve Madden sandals!



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