Friday Five // Fall Bucket List


Fall to me is the season of hunkering down and enjoying sweet, simple moments with those you love. I can’t express enough how much I love fall..from the pumpkin spice lattes to the change in color of the leaves, everything about fall is home to me.

New beginnings come in the fall. It allows you to start on a fresh page, and somehow, just like Earth, we come alive again in the fall.

I look forward to making the most of the next three months of the beautiful weather and slower days. Here are some of the things I will do this season:

Travel up north to see the fall foliage. It’s been a family tradition since my parent’s honeymoon (they got married end of September). Every year around that time, my family and I head up to North Conway (literally through the mountains) to see the leaves change color. The view are breathtaking, and should definitely be seen at least once in your life!

Go apple picking and bake an apple pie. One of Najib and mine first dates was apple picking! Every year we go and get so full from the apple cider donuts (how can you not have more than one?!) that we never do anything but eat the apples we picked like we normally would. Aka we never getting around to baking a pie! I am determined to bake an apple pie this year, maybe a recipe to follow?!

Decorate for fall. Okay this is mainly for me to daydream about what is would be like to decorate our own home for fall. Najib and I are still saving money to purchase a house, so look out for tons of pins on fall decor. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my mom’s beautiful fall decorations!

Feed the hungry. There is a local charity that donates turkeys each Thanksgiving to those who don’t have a home or money to afford a proper Thanksgiving meal. I would love to donate/help this year!

Add pumpkin to every recipe. LOL I wish! But, really. I’m so looking forward to enjoying this classic flavor in it’s entirety this season…I already plan to visit Starbucks this Saturday for a Pumpkin Chai Latte w/Almond Milk. I also am loving this recipe!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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