How to Style an ALEX AND ANI Expandable Necklace






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Cardigan: Nordstrom // TOP: Topshop // DENIM: Articles of Society // Necklace: ALEX AND ANI // NECKLACE CHARMS: Endless Knot, Saturn, Ice Blue Swarovski Crystal, “N” Initial

Happy Saturday loves! I hope you all are having a great start to you weekend! I’m meeting with fellow Boston blogger friend, Kerrie Burke, for coffee today in the city and then spending the rest of the day with my family! I love weekends where I am spending most of my time with those I love most.

And that’s where most of my inspiration for anything I do stems from – being truly happy. We all have plenty of goals that we want to reach and fulfill, but it’s being truly happy throughout all of the work, progress, and growth that makes it all worth it. Especially in the industry that I am so fortunate to work in, there are times where small instances of doubt or comparison creep in that can truly be thieves of joy. I have learned that finding my “voice” through my blog has really helped me to overcome those moments of doubt. I also believe that true happiness lies in being yourself day in and day out.

My style has always been one of my favorite forms of showing who I am. At heart, I am simplistic and have a love for neutrals and soft tones, but I am never shy of a statement piece! That is why I loved partnering with ALEX AND ANI  to style their Expandable Necklace. The jewelry itself is classified as simple and dainty, yet there are so many ways to bring extra bits of detail or color- making it one of my favorite pieces to style (no matter the outfit!). As I stated before, my inspiration flows from being around those I love most and being truly happy through it all. So it’s no surprise that when it came to choosing charms for my necklace, I thought of people and other instances that bring me joy.

The Endless Knot Charm portrays that we are all connected through love. I am a believer in the energy you give to the world, you get back, so it’s better to choose and give love at all costs. To add to the theme of “love,” I chose the “N” Initial Charm to represent my boyfriend, Najib- did I mention I am a total cheese and love sentimental expressions of love haha! To go along with my love for neutrals, I added the Ice Blue Swarovski Crystal Charm. The color is almost multi-dimensional, and gives off hues of white, gray, pink, or blue- which matches perfectly with the Rose Quartz pendant, displayed in the middle of my necklace. Lastly, I added the Saturn Charm, because I am a total Capricorn!

The added touch of being able to pick out the necklace charms based on people/experiences in your life makes it so much fun to create the ALEX AND ANI Expandable Necklace! There is no limit in choosing how many charms you want to add at any given time, the simplest in me even likes only wearing one charm at a time! The other great aspect about this necklace is that you can wear it as a long necklace, or pull the beads together in the back to make it into a choker. There are truly so many ways you can style this piece of jewelry, making it so customizable for any style or any outfit!

Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you have an amazing weekend!


*In partnership with ALEX AND ANI

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