I Love Skin Inc…


Over the past few months, I have put a lot of attention to my face and the products I use on it. Up until then, I was guilty of caking on too much make up (for no reason!) to find my face breaking out every other week. With a gradual turn from liquid foundation to powder (Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder is a game changer), my skin significantly changed- breakouts weren’t turning up left and right, and my pores were insignificant.

But I still lacked that glow!

Though I am still learning the effects of what I eat, how much I sleep, and the amount of stress I carry each day has on my skin, I have noticed that a lot can be benefited from the skin care products you use (well, duh Odette!). I’ve gone through my fare share of products the past few months, and more often than not, after two weeks of usage, they have been thrown to the side because there was zero to no effect.

That’s where Skin Inc. came in.  You start off taking their Skin Identity Test, where you answer questions regarding skin type, stress levels, sleep amounts, etc. Out of 84 possible serum comibnations, they choose three serums that work best for you regarding your skin’s needs. Just a few days later, I received my three serums:

Vitamin A– evens tones and reduces dark circles

Chlorella: takes away skin’s dullness and creates brighter skin

Licorice: calms irritated skin

 After just a few days of using the serums (I fell in love after the first!), I saw a dramatic change in my skin’s appearance. I even went to work a few days this week without makeup- and that hasn’t happened…ever! The once tired, dull skin around my eyes has taken on a more “plump” look, and that glow is definitely showing!

Though I have only been using the serums for a little over two weeks, the products I am using actually create results, which makes me want to show my natural, bright, glowing skin more- sans make-up. What’s event better- after finishing these products that I am currently using, I can either reorder them or retake Skin Inc.’s Skin Identity Test and add new information with the results of how my skin looks at that given time!

With my new appreciation for finding products that are actually good for my skin and make my skin look good, I can truly say that Skin Inc. has made be a believer and I am totally in love.

You can find these amazing products both online and a Sephora store near you!



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