Lilac Fever









DRESS: Socialite // SCARF: Target // SHOES: Zara // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

Happy March! Though I can’t believe how fast 2016 is already flying by, I am so excited for the warmer weather that is around the corner!

Flowers are one of my favorite things about spring. My parent’s have a beautiful tree in our yard that blooms lilacs, and year after year I am continually blown away by their beauty and how gorgeous they smell! Purple being one of my favorite colors, it’s a given that I fell in love with this dress just from it’s color!

I am making it a goal for myself to wear more dresses once the weather warms up. One reason being that they are so simple to pair with flats and accessories like this scarf, but also because they make me feel so elegant and girly!

I am also loving this, this and this for spring dresses!

March is already packed with birthdays, events, and holidays so I know I will be getting great use out of this dress!

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday, thank you for stopping by!



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