My Favorite Bralettes from Kohl’s

 This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and I received the included bralettes as compensation.

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Growing up as a dancer, finding that perfect intimate was always something I loved and loathed at the same time. For all you dancers reading this, you may know of the struggle to find that bra that matches perfectly with your leotard, yet gives you the best support through all you contemporary, jazz, and tap performances. I was never a fan (still am not) of sports bras- they just make me feel so constricted, so if bralettes where around back in my tween dancing years, I know my life would have been so much easier back then!

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Fast forward 10 years and I’ve finally found the perfect bra to meet both my activity and lifestyle needs. Though this post is sponsored by Kohl’s and I received the included bralettes as compensation, I have been wearing the bralettes from these brands for over a year know, and can assure I fell in love way before this campaign. I no longer dance full-time (though I wish), but barre and yoga are my favorite workouts these days, and bralettes have been a game changer when it comes to finding my favorite workout bra. I’ve found so many great bralettes at Kohl’s!


This particular bra by Maidenform is my favorite for my barre and yoga workouts. The V-neck and T-back design gives ample support without feeling like I can’t breathe. The lace is so delicate and soft, and honestly feels like I have nothing on most of the time! I love the Blue Gray color I’m wearing here, but I also have this in Black, Pink, and White to match all my workout outfits.

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With summer now upon us, I’ve found that I love wearing my bralettes underneath dresses. With the cute cut-outs and off the shoulder styles lately, mixing it up and layering a lace bralette underneath gives a style I would not have expected to fall in love with, but it is something I have been pulling off more and more lately. It’s a style I have been seeing a lot of girls wear around Boston lately, too!

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The lace gives just the right amount of detail, and white can pretty much go with any color during summer. I loved pairing it with this color-block dress.

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Home is where my heart is, and finding the perfect lay-on-the-couch outfit to change into is always on my mind after a long day at work. Summer has always been a season full of reading for me, so to come home, change into a comfy outfit, and relax on the couch with tea and a book in my hand is the ideal summer dream to me (I’m a homebody I know!).

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Like sports bras, I’ve never taken to sweat pants. My friends used to joke with me in college how I never owned a pair, and up until this day I don’t. I’m a leggings girl, and probably have enough for a lifetime…I think all those tights through my dancing years stuck with me! So leggings, a comfy tee, and a bralette create the most relaxing at-home outfit for me.

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