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DRESS: Everly (sold out, but I love this and this one!) // DENIM JACKET: J.Crew SNEAKERS: Converse // HANDBAG: Street Level // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

I have been on a comfy shoe kick these days, and these Converse sneakers have been my go-to for the past week! In college, Converse were all my friends and I wore to class…with University of Rhode Island having a large campus, our Converse kept our feet supported for our long days/walks! Since graduating and moving into the ‘working’ world, sneakers had fallen off my radar (besides workout sneaks), because sadly those don’t apply as ‘business casual’!

With a lot of day trips planned ahead for summer, I wanted to find a pair of sneakers that held both comfort and versatility. These Converse were it! I paired them with a dress and denim jacket, and this look can easily be worn for a day of exploring/biking come summer. Also the color naturally pairs great with anything- making them easier to add to almost any outfit!

This Friday I am taking my grandmother for a day of shopping, so I am sure I will be wearing these sneakers because she sure can shop…I know where I get it from! I hope you are all have a great Tuesday, thank you so much for stopping by!



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