Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


Happy Monday friends! Today I am giving you all a few tips on how to shop your way smartly through the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! Though it take splace in summer, #NSale is truly a great time to stock up on fall essentials- all at discounted prices!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale can be shopped online or within stores, and features new brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories for the fall season at a significant discount. Unlike other sales, brand name pieces start off at a discounted price, and once the sale is over, they go back up to original price…easily making it one of the best sales of the year!

When can I shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale?

For Nordstrom debit or credit card holders, you are able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with early access. Early access starts on July 14th and goes through July 21st.

On July 22nd, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens up to the public, and on August 8th, all discounted prices go back up to original price.

How to shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale:

Go into the sale prepared. If you’re not prepared, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money on items you necessary did not need nor want. I always like preparing for the NSale by stating my budget. If I don’t have a budget, I will more than likely spend my life savings in one day. The sale is that good, no joke!

I also go into the NSale knowing what items I am really interested in buying, and whom I am buying for. I think of birthdays and holidays, that may be around the corner so that way I can shop with buying gifts on my mind… it’s like Christmas in July!

When it comes to knowing the items I want to buy for myself personally, I take a look at my current closet and see if I need any staples for the upcoming fall season. Some of the items I like to purchase during the sale are Over the Knee Boots, a Fur Vest, a great pair of denim, and a handbag that I know can last me many season down the road.

I hope this helps you get excited for honestly one of the best sales of the year! I will be back Thursday with my favorite tips from the sale!



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