Sparkle Sesh / 5 Things to Try this Summer

1. Bold Braids


With temps high and humid these days, it’s more than likely that I don’t want to do my hair (not matter which way I style, frizz is inevitable!). So, braids have become my best friend! I tend to go with the same side braid, but these bohemian inspired braids are definitely worth a try! When creating braids, I tend to use Oribe Apres Beach Wave Hair Spray– it’s perfect to give your hair that extra oomph and texture for any braided style!

Picture: Pinterest

2. Flavored Water


I’m known by friends and family for being a water-holic. Yep, I’m that girl whose hangbag is constantly filled with water bottles, but no shame here! Drinking as much as 80 ounces of water a day has so many benefits from clear skin, enhanced thinking, and faster metabolism. With the fresh fruit and herbs available at my local farmstand during the summer, I love to enhance my ordinary water with some color and flavor! Here are some great recipes for an aqua makeover!

Picture: Brit + Co

3. BFF Date


Make time for your BFF! Longer days call for more time to spend with the ones you love. I love to plan one day after work each week to hangout with the girls, even if it’s just a quick ice cream date (which, most of the time it is!!).

Picture: Camille Styles

4. Plan a picnic


One of my favorite things to do on a warm, sunny day it to eat outside. What better way to enjoy your favorite summer meals with a little outside view? Najib and I love taking Sunday day trips to our favorite parks or beaches and packing up a light lunch we can enjoy with the scenery. I dare you to try- it’s muy romantico, too!

Picture: Freutcake

5. Meditate


Between all the hustlin’ we do during the day, and all the dates we have planned throughout the week, our brains tend be on overload more often than not. I love starting off my day with a 5 minute meditation, and ending by day with one, too! I’m no expert, but I swear a few minutes of clearing your mind & focusing on what you want to bring to your day, or thinking on how your next day will unfold, really changes your mindset AND your life. Don’t be scared, try it, and see how much you benefit from it!

Picture: Pinterest

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