Sparkle Sesh // Five Ways to Wake Up Happier


  1. Wake up happy: Our first morning moments are our most sacred. Give your body a few moments to fully feel present and connect. If you’re like me, mornings can truly be a struggle to get out of bed, and it’s hard to not quickly think of all the obligations that lay ahead. Make an effort to simply make a statement of gratitude before stepping out of your bed. I tend to start my day with, “Thank you for another beautiful day, may it be filled with happy moments, and may I be kind, loving, healthy, and happy.”
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast: You know you shouldn’t skip breakfast, so make sure to make some time to create and enjoy a healthy meal to start off your day. I usually create this Glowing Green Smoothie by Kimberly Snyder, and it keeps me full for a good portion of the morning!
  3. Be consistent: Going to bed late makes it so tempting to set my alarm for the last minute possible in the morning, but I have learned the hard way, and know my day will just spiral downhill if I wake up too late. So, get yourself on a schedule, plan your outfit for the next day the night before, eat breakfast, write down your first to-do’s for the morning the night before, and you will surely accomplish everything you need to do that day!
  4. Spend 30 healthy minutes: In the first couple hours after waking, it’s crucial to set some time aside for some mental or physical exercise. If I’m not fitting in a 28 minute workout from Kayla Itsines before work, I am either journaling or meditating on how I see my day going. Such activity gives your brain extra go power for the day ahead!
  5. Have fun: Sometimes it’s hard not to wake up stressed for your overly packed schedule, but tune into that stress and make some fun of it. Whenever I catch myself over-thinking early in the morning, I throw on some music and make light of it. It’s just another day anyways, and you will get through it!

Picture: Goodnight Macaroon



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