Sparkle Sesh // Good Vibes Only


Have you ever woken up thinking that nothing could go wrong in your day, then something happens/someone says something, and then your day is totally upside down? Well that was my day today. Ironically fitting, it goes great with today’s post theme.

Lately, I seem to not be able to catch a breath. Between working full time, writing Sparkle In Gold, volunteer work, working out, having a boyfriend, tryyyinggg to eat healthy….these days seem to be filled with one obligation after another…some better than others…but I just feel I am constantly on “go,” therefore my moods, or vibes, have been more than a little affected lately. Let’s just say there are many perks of still living at home at my age (24), but this morning just took the turn for the worst, and all of a sudden I was leaving my house crying, cursing, and driving teary-eyed to work with a panic attack coming on.

See, I’m not one to easily get upset, angry, annoyed or bothered. My moods are more often than not happy as I always tend to look for the positive in everything. But there are some days I notice my feelings get rattled, and though it’s okay and all, I am learning that in order for my day, month, life to unfold as I would like…positive vibes are a must. We’ve all heard the saying “actions speak louder than words,” but most of us haven’t realized that our thoughts speak louder than our words as well.

I’m a firm believer that if you know what you want, ask for it, are confident, grateful, and trust, then your life will unfold exactly how you expect it to. Yes, that is a firm statement, but it’s the truth, and I know so through my experiences and the way my life has gone/is going! See, the past few days I have been in more than an uptight state of mind, haven’t focused on my blessings, and just felt like everything/everyone was out to get me….and so this morning happened.

Your energy (your vibes) truly is what makes your life. If there are parts of your life that you don’t like, want, need- check the way you’re feeling about those situations. Are you going about your day waiting for it to be over? Is there a job you wish to earn, and you continually apply yourself, just to get denied each time? Waiting to meet someone to fall in love with, but you just haven’t meet him/her yet? Yes, your actions do affect a lot of your circumstances, but its your energy that is holding you back from all the things you want in life.

Revaluating, making sure you vibes are still high, is the most crucial step to creating the life you want. Now some of us can wake up and continually be happy, loving, etc throughout the day…but most of us, like myself, have full time jobs that not only are jam-packed busy, but also wear you out some days. So, through my learning, I have discovered it’s good to take a deep breather & check in with myself throughout the day- how am I feeling, what am I thankful for, what are my visions for the next hour, day, week. This check in takes a little of getting used to, but trust me you will not only feel better with taking a mental break, you will notice your life unfolding positively little by little.

Happy almost weekend loves, and cheers to good vibes only!



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