Sparkle Sesh// Inner Sparkle



I’m a big dreamer. Safe to say I spent most of my days in college dreaming of what I wanted to do after college. With majoring in Fashion and PR, and always having a dream of working at a fashion magazine/firm (the inner Andrea Sachs in me), I knew my heart was in the work, but not in the setting (I love being in the city, but living in it is just not my thing).

Two years later, I’m still visualizing my dream. I work in the Marketing department for a company that is near and dear to my heart, but I still daydream of what I want to do for the rest of my life. Don’t we all?

Being in my almost mid-twenties (not there yet, ha!), and almost always being more mature for my age, I feel that I am supposed to have my life goals planned out, business created, x,y,z…

But that’s not the way God works, and it’s definitely not something I am used to. Through all the indecisiveness and mini panic attacks, there still is something in me that keeps telling me that I’m on the right path, to keep going.

I like to call that my inner sparkle.

We all have it, we’re all born with it. Some find it at an early age, some realize it when they’re 50. Our inner sparkle drives us to that feeling of excitement we get when we touch upon our passion. It’s the flutter in your heart when your dream has come reality. It’s what makes everyone find their passion, and more often than not, run with it.

What I have learned from thinking about my inner sparkle is that you need to know what you want and why you want it. Actually sitting down and thinking of all the things you want to accomplish allows you to wallow in the why. For me, I knew that starting a blog was part of my want because it gave me the chance of dabbling in a little bit of everything I love- fashion, creativity, inspiration, and communication.

Though I am no psychologist, teacher, or mentor, I have always had a sincere desire to help people- have to thank my inner sparkle for that! So, part of my desire is to create Sparkle In Gold into not only a fashion/lifestyle blog, but a source of inspritation for life, love, work, hope, inspiration…that helps you find your inner sparkle.



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