Sparkle Sesh // October Goals


Happy October!!

Though I can’t believe September has already flown by and is done, I am excited for October to be here! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I feel I always love October to enjoy all those fall activities. Just like any other month though, I always start the month with some goal listing.  Whether it be adding a little more r&r into my schedule, or spending more time connecting with all the fabulous people I meet through blogging, setting goals for the month always leaves me looking to the month with excitement and feeling accomplished once those goals are met.

Some of my goals for October are listed below, but I want to know what you are planning for the month ahead! Take the next few days to sit and think about all the wants and desires you’ve had on your mind, write them down, and manifest them!

– Go to dinner and a movie with the boyfriend

– Carve pumpkins

– Sleep in on a Sunday

– Be consistent with blog posting

– Eat out less, make dinner more

– Be grateful everyday

I hope you all have a great Thursday, thank you for stopping by!



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