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One of my goals this new year is to start each week organized. At this point in time, I currently work a full time job, so balancing a blog/ side business can sometimes be kind of hectic when it comes to planning my week. To stay on top of my goal, I have learned to tackle my week in a way that will leave me feeling accomplished come Friday! Here are some tips to help you get organized this year:

– Map out your week in advance: This is crucial. If you’re a person balancing many jobs, activities, roles, etc. it’s so important to write down what you are to expect in the week ahead. My favorite time to do this is on Sunday mornings when I am feeling recharged and ready for the week ahead. All it takes is a few minutes to jot down the most important (and least important!) activities you have going on that week so you can clearly map out the rest of your week.

– Find a planner to journal in: For me, having a planner or a notebook to write down everything going on is a lifesaver. Call me old fashioned, but making lists has always been one of my keen skills, and writing them down with pen and paper makes them seem that much more important. Also, the act of actually writing allows for you to mentally remember things better- it’s a proven fact! I recently received this planner from Danielle LaPorte…and it truly is a game changer! The planner is filled with positive messages and re-frames your daily events in a way that makes you feel confident on accomplishing them!

– Create a morning routine: I have learned that if you choose to make little (fun!) tasks in the morning for yourself, you will feel more accomplished for the day ahead besides if you were to just roll out of bed and start your day. Lately, I have added some time for meditation and journaling each morning, and both have really set my mind in a clear focus for the day ahead!

– Add in some fun: You will not be able to get through your week unless you have events scheduled for you to look forward to! Trust me, there have been weeks where all I did was work, eat, and sleep (not as much as I should have!), and by the end of the week, I was drained, moody, and negative. Whether it’s a new workout class, girls night, or a couple hours reading a book…make time to relax and have fun!

– Recharge: In the midst of all of our hectic schedules, its key to take sometime to step away from the week’s tasks and simply relax. Like the tip above, finding quality “you” time is very important for you to feel balance and organized for the week ahead!

I hope these few tips helps you all to accomplish a more organized and relaxed manor to tackle your weeks ahead! Happy Monday!



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