V-Day Fun


I have always loved Valentine’s Day, maybe because it’s a whole month filled with giving love or because my mom always made it a big deal by celebrating it with us, but for some reason the month of February gets me all giddy and excited for this one special day.

I have always loved making a holiday run more than it’s course (Christmas is a whole season people, not just one day!), so naturally I have decided to add a little extra love (pun intended) to Valentine’s Day this year! Here are a few ways I will be (and you can too) celebrating the holiday this year:

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards: A sweet + thoughtful way to show the ones you love how much you love them. Here are some ideas!

2. Girls night: Whether you have a significant other or not, I always feel like you and your girlfriends always deserve a night to pamper each other whether it be over, dinner, glasses of wine, a spa day, or a relaxing night in. Spending time with your closest gal pals will make this V-day that much more special! I will be seeing my best friends from college the day before, and cannot way to enjoy a day of laughing with them!

3. Be creative in gifting: I always tend to lean on buying something nice for Najib when it comes to a holiday like this- I mean it’s an excuse to shop, right?! But this year, I am reversing my gift-idea a bit, and creating a gift that doesn’t need to be purchased. Though I can’t tell what it exactly will be (he reads my blog daily!), here are some hints!

4. Treat yourself: If only we took this to heart more often! But it’s true, when you put yourself first and treat yourself (hey, mani/pedi!), you feel more full of love, and are able to give more of that love to your nearest and dearest. So this Valentine’s Day weekend, make sure to squeeze in some quality YOU time!

I hope you all have a great weekend!



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